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Rivernook Campground Inc.
Family owned and operated for over 45 years.

Established in
Kern County
There Are Over
Sites On Property
There Are Over
Visitors Each Year

About Rivernook Campgrounds

Since the day Rivernook Campground first opened for business in the spring of 1971 we’ve been dedicated to providing our guests with access to the beautiful outdoors in a relaxing, unique and family friendly environment created to appeal to both novice and more experienced campers. Located in the northern end of the Kern River Valley and situated at the base of the southern range of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, we’re within an hours drive of both the Giant Redwoods and the Mojave desert. One of the most visually appealing and unique areas in Central California, the Kern River Valley is the meeting point of five different bio regions and has unique flora and fauna that draw in nature enthusiasts from all over the world. Our campground is even within walking distance of Canal Trail, one of many local area trails (and a favorite trail for local hikers) and features some of the best fishing spots in the town of Kernville on site. While staying with us you’ll be able to relax at your campsite or enjoy exploring all our campground has to offer on 40 acres of riverfront property . At the end of a long day spent exploring, hiking, fishing, mountain biking or even skiing the slopes at Alta Sierra (located approximately 45 minutes away on highway 155) you’ll be able to dine out at one of our fantastic local restaurants, including the award winning Kern River Brewing Company or The Starlite Lounge, a newly opened wine and tapas bar, both conveniently located just up the hill from Rivernook. For those campers less interested in “roughing it” you can even end your day or start your morning with a refreshing hot shower at one of our two large restroom buildings, which are currently being remodeled and upgraded. We’re also in the process of opening a general store, so keep an eye out for that in the near future!